Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vintage & Pick & Mix

Bristol Vintage 2011 has now been bottled and is available from the online shop. Read all about this very special 1000th beer here. We are thrilled with how it's tasting, and hope you will be too. We've packed it full of 5 different malts to give a big sweet, fruity backbone & then thrown masses of our favourite hop varieties at it to balance out the sweetness & give a lovely fresh hop character to it, just to make it extra special & add a layer of complexity we aged it on fresh oak... we hope your as excited about our first Bristol Vintage as we are.

You can now Pick & Mix your bottles on our online shop, buy beer here. Pick what you want to drink in your case. We have listened to your feedback and you can now pick & mix your favourite beers to drink at home.

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