Wednesday, 29 June 2011

This weekend look out for us...

At Grillstock - we are sharing the bars with Orchard Pig - there will be 6 cask beers, all of our bottles and mini-casks too - come down and celebrate BBQ's, music & beer, and the weather looks great too...

At the Shop - come and pick up your weekend beer on North St, next to Mark's Bread - please order your draught beer in advance, but all of our bottles and mini-casks (at the best prices) are available as well as gift packs, glasses & bottle openers

& today we are...

Brewing Sunrise
Racking Sunrise & Acer
Putting insulation on the roof
& cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thursday in the brewery...

and we are

Brewing Gold twice today
Racking Bristol Stout & Acer
Listening to Rush!
Cleaning FV's
Filling boxes of bright beer - order your weekend beer today
Preparing to open the Shop again on Saturday (10 - 1)
Sorting out a London delivery run
& looking forward to brewing Ultimate Stout tomorrow

Mini Casks for Glastonbury

Pick up your mini casks for the Glastonbury festival at the Apple Tree Inn, just down the road from the main entrance.

Or if your already in and can't believe the prices for a beer, nip down the road to the Apple Tree and pick up 9 pints for only £20 and have a warming curry or one of their burgers whilst your there.

Tour for a Tenner

Our next 'Tour for a tenner' is on Monday 25th July.

It starts at 7pm and lasts about 2 hours, includes all of your beers, a glass, bottle opener & a bottle to take home.

Book now to reserve your place by calling 0117 9026317 or

- if you've never been to a beer event before or think you don't like beer(!) read this

Monday, 20 June 2011

This weekend we have...

Congratulated Brett on the birth of his baby son
Opened our new shop (every Saturday 10 - 1)
Been busy at the Festival of Nature Bar with the Orchard Pig's
Had a Beer & Cheese Tasting at the brewery
Looking forward to our Brewery Tour on Tuesday (fully booked)
Preparing for our visit to the Pop-Up Hotel for tonight's charity bash
Been drinking Independence
& looking forward to getting our brewery back from the builders!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday in the brewery

we have been

Brewing Sunrise
Packing Father's Day boxes
Labelling Bristol Stout bottles
Cleaning FV's
Listening to Brett
Racking lots of bright beer for the weekend
Preparing for the Festival of Nature
Looking forward to going to Charles Faram's tomorrow for some quality hop time

New Bottle Prices in the Brewery Shop

To celebrate the opening of our new shop this Saturday (10 am - 1pm) we have done some brand new bottle prices if you buy direct from us at the brewery or from the Saturday shop.

We look forward to seeing you, next to Mark's Bread on North St, BS3 1JP

Yesterday at the brewery

We were

Brewing Independence
Bottling Bristol Stout
Racking Sunrise
Visiting Devon
Walking through fields of barley


That’s right, the Bristol Beer Factory Shop is finally opening on Saturday 18th June, and then every Saturday morning between 10am and 1pm. Come and get your beer for the weekend directly from us. Bottles and draught beer are available from our new shop, next to Mark’s Bread on North Street, BS3.

Saturday mornings on North Street are usually quite civilised affairs as people wander, enjoy a bit of breakfast or join the queue outside Mark’s Bread for the weekend sourdough….but not anymore, we are changing all of that.

Come and pay us a visit and try out flavour packed range of hand crafted artisan beers, from the traditional to the downright outrageous. There are 9 bottle varieties currently available with others on the way and cask specials galore coming up this summer. Hoppy pale ales, stouts, black IPA, barrel ageing…’s all going on!

Please order your draught beer in advance, it will take us a while to get our stock levels right for the shop. Order bright beer by Friday lunchtime at the latest on 0117 902 6317. We have 9 pint mini casks as well as 18 & 36 pint polypins. If you’re not sure what you need, please give us a call as we will only have limited amounts of bright beer available each Saturday from 10-1.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday in the brewery...

we have been...

Brewing Acer
Labelling Milk Stout
Delivering to London
Playing with Powerpoint
Listening to S Club 7
Building a Cold Room
& someone's cleaned the stairs!

& there are still 10 places left for the tour next week

Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday in the brewery...

we have been...

Building a Cold Room
Unloading a lorry load of insulation
Racking Sunrise & Independence
Listening to "God knows what, but i wish they'd turn it down..."
Clearing the brewers desks
Talking about Beer & Food Matching events
& planning the weekends drinking!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Father's Day

It's Father's Day next Sunday (19th) and what better present can there be than some BBF beers. To make it even easier to get hold of some beers we will be opening our new Saturday morning shop from 10 - 1 on the 18th June. All of our bottles and draught beer will be available from the shop. Please order draught beers (9, 18 or 36 pints) in advance to avoid long waits or disappointment.

Please get your online orders to us by Wednesday to make sure you get your beer in time for Father's Day. We have a special Father's day Mixed case for the bargain price of £23...


Thursday in the brewery...

we have mostly been...

Brewing - No.7 (again)
Bottling - Bristol Hefe
Racking - Sunrise & Milk Stout
Listening to The Decemberists (they are good & Canadian apparently!)
Tasting - Black IPA's (later)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Today in the Brewery

we have been

Brewing - No7
Racking - Independence
Bottling - Milk Stout
Delivering to (amongst many others) The Grand Pier (W-S-M)
Phoning London
Listening to The Specials
& considering how we can play brewery cricket

Milk Stout

is being bottled at the brewery right now... just saying

June Pint Pot

The Pop-Up Hotel

One of the great things about festivals are all the little things that come from them... such as our new found friendship with the Pop-Up Hotel and their new venture.