Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday in the brewery...

and we are...

Brewing Hefe
Racking Independence
Delivering all over the place
Dealing in insulation
Preparing to export some beer to Yorkshire
Listening to nothing... who's DJ today?
Putting up a crazy amount of beer to do bright for the Harbour Festival
Don't forget - Shop open Saturday 10 - 1
Looking forward to getting our new t-shirts
& wondering how much money we could raise for charity if we cut Brett's hair off????


Our lovely MillerDesign designed range of t-shirts are available next week for only £12.50 from the brewery. Snap them up quickly as there aren't many.

Should make us easy to spot at GBBF on Tuesday!

Friday, 22 July 2011

This weekend we will be...

Opening the shop as usual 10 - 1pm (next to Mark's Bread on North St)
Looking forward to lots of bottling next week
Anticipating Dan's next filming plans
Drinking a pint of Southville Hop at the Tobacco Factory
Watching some Cricket
Reminding you that there are still a few places left on Monday night's tour
& Drinking some Saison's

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday in the Brewery...

and we are

Brewing Sunrise... twice
Labelling the Milk Stout we bottled yesterday
Listening to the Ramones (I expect)
Tasting our new Saison
Delivering in & out of Bristol
Hoping to get the last few dates fixed for the Beer & Food Tour
& trying to fill the last bit of room on the van to London tomorrow

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tour for a Tenner

The next Tour for a Tenner is on Monday night at 7pm - it costs £10, lasts 2 hours, includes plenty of beer, a bottle opener & a bottle to take away.

We are always told its great value, you'll learn a lot, try lots of different things and hopefully drink great "Craft Beers" forever more.

Come along and learn about our secrets, and try our brand new beer, Saison!

Book your place now on 0117 902 6317 or

This weekend we have been...

Having a record day in the Shop on Saturday
Visiting our friends at Marble Brewery in Manchester
Getting excited about Saison coming out at the end of the week
Designing t-shirts
& Drinking lots of great beers, Cheers!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

All Things Italian

We have paired our beers to the All Things Italian menu for next Saturday

Let us know what you think and come and pick up your beers this week.

Independent Beers for Independent Drinkers

Our range of exciting, interesting, flavourful and complex beers seem to confuse some people. I am often told about some of our beers "I wouldn't want more than a pint of it", like that's a negative aspect and all beers must be session beers. Unlike the majority of brewers in this country not all of our beers are brewed to be sessionable, we don't base our beers on how many pints will be drunk in a pub, we want to brew beers that promote conversation and have layers of complexity, not all breweries need to be the same. We brew beers that we want to drink, and hopefully you do too!

As our beers aren't brewed for the accountant we can maximise the ingredients and experiment with styles. Our range of cask specials available next week are an eclectic bunch including a Milk Stout, a Saison, Southville Hop (US style IPA) & our Ultimate Stout (strong stout with a Belgian yeast) and next week we are brewing Independence, a continuously hopped APA. None of these are heavily sessionable, but they are all big-flavoured delicious beers.

Milk Stout is mid strength at 4.5% has a creamy chocolate sweetness, roasted coffee bitterness and a hint of dark fruit.
Saison is a rustic Belgian farmhouse style, which use a yeast that gives spicy berry fruit notes to the beer, we have tried to exentuate these notes with the hops we have used and a hint of black pepper.
Southville Hop is at 6.5% a strong and hugely aromatic US-style IPA, 4 varieties of American hops give beautiful tropical fruit aromas and flavours with a big piney resinous moreish bitterness.
Independence is a 4.6% pale ale that we have continuously hopped to give a huge hop character without too much bitterness. Brewed as a one-off special, but has been so well received that we have kept on brewing it.
Ultimate Stout is a strong (7.7%) stout that we brew with a Belgian yeast that gives a very drinkable tartness to this thick black beer, a beautiful end of night beer, with layers of complexity to it.

I hope you will seek them out, as they are a bit different!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Great Taste Awards Gold


Hefe & Southville Hop have both received a Gold Star from the Great Taste Awards today.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thursday in the brewery...

we are...

Brewing No.7 for bottling
Keeping a close eye on our new Saison as it finishes fermenting
Racking (yet more) Sunrise
Buying some beers
Getting the creative juices flowing with some exciting new ideas
Thinking about t-shirt designs
& taking lots of orders for bright beer for collection from the shop this Saturday

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hefe Wins Beer of the Festival

A great way to start the day!

We have just heard that Hefe has won Beer of the Festival at The 6th Cheltenham Beer Festival, and that Acer made the Final 3 and was Highly Commended. Good news indeed, always great to hear that your beers are being appreciated.

The Cheltenham Beer Festival raised over £12k for the Samaritans this year and was a complete sell out.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Milk Stout

"The Stout that changes minds" is now available as a bottle-conditioned beer.

Sweet, creamy chocolatey, roasted coffee bitterness and a hint of dark fruits combine to make this everybody's favourite stout.

I'm sure your all asking why we are now doing it as a bottle-conditioned beer?
Firstly, its because we have improved our bottling abilities at the brewery and so feel we can take on another beer to bottle ourselves (it was previously bottled for us).
Secondly it allows us to brew Milk Stout in the cask more often as well, and as we never seem to be able to keep everyone happy on that score this should help make it available more often.

We are thrilled with the first few bottles we have tasted and think it is a change for the better, so please let us know what you think.

The Saturday Shop

The Saturday morning shop has been improving every week and we have been having lots of great feedback about it. For those of you unaware, you can also buy direct from the brewery on Durnford St (shared courtyard with Clayton Cars BS3 2AW) Monday - Friday 9 - 6ish, we also brew late a couple of days a week, so call us if you can't make those times.

The Saturday shop is on North St next to Mark's Bread, open every Saturday morning from 10 - 1 for bottles, mini-casks & other goodies. If you want draught beer - 18 or 36 pint boxes please call us in advance (by Thursday evening if possible) and we will have it ready for your collection on Saturday morning.

If you love our beers please nominate us...

The prestigious Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards for 2011 are here, if you love our beers and would like to nominate us, please do it here...

Tuesday in the Brewery

we are...

Brewing Southville Hop
Racking Sunrise
Delivering in Bristol
Sending out new Bottle-conditioned Milk Stout for the first time
Arranging the next London delivery
Admiring Hayseed Dixie drinking our beer!
& Trying to work out how to export...

Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday in the brewery...

we have been...

Brewing a Saison (with black pepper & rosemary)
Thinking about an IPA for IPA Day
Racking lots of bright beer for party's this weekend
Getting ready to open the shop tomorrow (10 - 1)
Listening to Dire Straits
Looking forward to Bristol's Big Pirate Party on Sunday