Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Beer, Bread & Cheese

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Beer, Bread & Cheese Tasting last night, I hope you all had a great time, we certainly did.

A big thank you to Mark of Mark's Bread & Todd & Ned from Trethowan's Dairy for their vast knowledge and expertise it's a joy to listen to them evangelise about their products.

My favourite pairing of the evening was Ragstone Goats Cheese with Mark's Rye bread & our Hefe, all of the flavours worked incredibly harmoniously together and it was great to hear that Ned thought it was just about the best cheese & drink pairing he's ever had.

Independence was really good with GWR (Gorwydd Washed Rind) and baguette, the big hit of hop bitterness worked really well with the cheese.

We paired Gold with Gorwydd Caerphilly & 7 seed Sourdough, the citrus aspects work fantastically well & biscuit malt character of the beer was really brought out by the savoury, mushroomy rind of the cheese.

Finally our old favourite paorong, Milk Stout & Stichelton, a creamy blue that compliments the creamy stout perfectly, the intensity of the flavours of each is pitched perfectly with the other.

Our new beers were really well received, the Bristol Vintage, Raspberry Stout & Glenlivet cask Stout seem to have found lots of fans already. They will be ready for release as soon as labels arrive...


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