Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A woman walks into a pub...

On Tuesday 24th May at 7pm Bordeaux Quay will throw open its doors to thirsty Bristol females with some delicious tapas style dishes expertly matched to BBF brews by the UK’s leading female beer writer, Melissa Cole.

The stereotypical image of a real ale drinker as being male and northern is fortunately long gone. These days a cask ale devotee is just as likely to be female and, what’s more, science says she’s probably a better judge of the flavour and subtlety of a brew than the bloke propping up the bar beside her!

So then, three cheers to Bristol Beer Factory for teaming up with one of the UK’s leading beer writers, Melissa Cole, and Bordeaux Quay to present an evening of fine beer & food.

Designed to appeal to newcomers to beer and seasoned drinkers alike all attendees are in for a real treat, with a chance to get to grips with the complexity of flavour in artisan beer, served alongside fine food, and in an all-female environment.

There will be at least six different beers to sample from Bristol Beer Factory’s broad range of craft beers. Melissa will host the event in true Beer Factory style; it will be an informal affair with lots of laughs and lots to learn, with the BBF team and Head Brewer Chris Kay on hand to share their beer experience and expertise.

Chris adds: “We have certainly noticed with our brewery tours that it is most often the women who are more sensitive to the subtleties of flavour in beer - perhaps this should come as no surprise as traditionally in England ale-wives were the main brewers of beer in the home!

“And this event isn’t about preaching, it’s about introducing the women of Bristol to just how good beer and food matching can be, by sampling the vast array of aromas and flavours in different beers from citrus to chocolate, coffee to banana, bread to passion fruit and so many more.

Tickets to the event are £20 per person for a full evening of taste sensations with plenty of beer, food and banter. Available to purchase from the brewery, please call Andrew on 0117 9026317 or email sales@bristolbeerfactory.co.uk.

New Beers

Busy times ahead! 2 New beers available from 17th May, the first is Indian Ink which is being launched on Tuesday night at the Grain Barge. Indian Ink was the winning beer in this years Homebrew Competition, it is a 6.5% Black IPA, and the winning brewer Ali Kocho-Williams came to the brewery to brew it with us. It will be available in casks and bottles over the next couple of weeks, so get it whilst you can and join us and Ali at the Grain Barge on Tuesday to grab the first taste of it.

Our next new beer is called Independence a 4.6% American Pale Ale, continuously hopped for an hour to give a big full and rounded hop character. It is tasting great from the tank and we can't wait to see how the flavours settle down once it has had a period of dry-hopping with some aromatic Citra hops just to finish it off.

After Southville Hops recent success at the SIBA South-West Beer Festival we have done a brew just for cask, it will be available from the 24th May. Those of you who love an American style IPA keep your eyes peeled for it.

On 24th May we are brewing a beer with Melissa Cole, before our Ladies Beer & Food Evening. The recipe is a closely guarded secret at this stage as Chris and Melissa work out the final details for it, but no doubt there will be some interesting twists to it... I can't wait to see what they concoct.