Thursday, 15 September 2011

Factoberfest Beer List

BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - ACER 3.8% A huge hop kick to it, ripe tangerines, resinous hops and a blast of citrus play around on a solid bready malt backbone... it surely can’t only be 3.8% with that much flavour!
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - OAKED NO.7 4.2% This is No.7 as you’ve never had it before. Aged in oak casks to give a distinctive vanilla character to the beer making it even smoother and adding an intriguing level of complexity to it.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - INDEPENDENCE 4.6% A New World Pale Ale that we have continuously hopped for an hour with very aromatic hops from the US & New Zealand. Big fruity flavours and a moreish resinous bitterness.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - SOUTHVILLE HOP 6.5% A fruit salad on the palate as beautiful tropical fruit flavours wash over you from the stunning American hops. Pineapple, mango & passion fruit on the nose & palate & a long resinous finish.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - BRISTOL HEFE 4.8% A German style wheat beer, zippy & zesty with lovely banana & clove aromas, banana & bubble gum on the palate & a refreshing grapefruit bitterness.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - AMBER 5 4.3% Amber in colour, a blend of 6 malts give a tasty backbone to this sessionable ale, a good dose of noble European hops gives a moreish bitterness leaving you wanting more.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - EXHIBITION 5.2% An old fashioned strong English ale, dark, rich, & fruity. Delicious estery flavours from the yeast & a sweetness from a good helping of crystal malt make this a delicious Autumnal beer.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - SAISON 4.6% Traditionally brewed for Belgian farm workers for long hot summer days, this beer has distinctive notes of spice & berry fruits & is very dry & thirst quenching from it’s unusual yeast strain.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - SUNRISE GALAXY 4.4% A special edition dry-hopped version of Sunrise. Punchy Galaxy hops from Tasmania add big fruity notes to the Sunrise
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - MILK STOUT 4.5% Finest Creamy Stout. Sweet, black and extremely full-bodied. Unfermentable Lactose sugar (added during the boil) sweetens the Chocolate and Black Malt derived roast / burnt flavours.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - VANILLA STOUT 4.5% The multi-award winning Milk Stout has been infused with Madagascar Vanilla Pods to give a delicious sweet smoothness reminiscent of a creme brulee.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - ULTIMATE STOUT 7.7% Pours like engine oil with a dark chocolate coloured head, aromas of roasted coffee & liquorice, tastes of coffee, chocolate & liquorice with slight tart notes from the Belgian yeast we use.
BRISTOL BEER FACTORY - CHOCOLATE STOUT 5.0% So very smooth, so very chocolatey, coats your mouth with rich bitter cocoa and slides down like a velvety glove. A luxurious treat of a beer.
ARBOR ALES (BRISTOL) - SINGLE HOP ”STELLA” 4.0% As the name suggests, we’ve used just one variety of hop in this pale golden ale. Brewed with just low colour Maris Otter malt. Stella comes from Australia & has citrus & berry notes.
ARBOR ALES (BRISTOL) - INFERIORITY COMPLEX 3.4% Just because a beer is low in strength, it needn’t be low on flavour. To get the most out of this dark session beer several different hops from Europe, New Zealand and the US have combined.
ARBOR ALES (BRISTOL) - BLACK EYED PA 6.5% The name makes very little sense, indeed the style itself is a bit wrong if you put any thought into it. The beer does, however, work very well indeed. Before boiling we add a load of hops. During the boil we add a load more hops. After the boil we add yet more hops. You get the idea - lots of hops!
PLAIN ALES - INNTRIGUE 4.2% Amber bitter with a fair amount of bitterness. Dryish, hoppy finish.
MOOR BREWING (SOMERSET) - CONFIDENCE (unfined) 4.6% Exclusive malt is used as the base to produce this premium bitter and it is boosted with Crystal and Wheat malts. Spicy American hops and yeast further enhance the rich malt profile. UNFINED.
MOOR BREWING (SOMERSET) - SOMERLAND GOLD (unfined) 5% If you like your beers golden, hoppy and refreshing then this is for you, but be careful – it goes down quickly for 5%. UNFINED - suitable for vegans, this beer is naturally hazy.
FYNE ALES (SCOTLAND) - JARL 3.8% A full-on citrus experience from the aromatic Citra hops. Light and golden, the 2011 Champion Beer of Scotland. Driven down from Scotland by the MD just for us!
FYNE ALES (SCOTLAND) - CHERRY STOUT 6.1% Fyne Ales Sublime Stout flavoured with cherries to give a very drinkable sweet & tart finish. Another great beer from one of our favourite breweries.
WESSEX BREWERY (WILTSHIRE) - OLD ALE 4.6% A rich, dark, aged ale.
WESSEX BREWERY (WILTSHIRE) - LONGLEAT PRIDE 4% Tasty, golden hoppy ale with refreshing grapefruit flavours.
DEVILFISH (WILTSHIRE) - BOMBSHELL 4.5% A superbly refreshing blonde beer that we’ve tweaked and refined to perfection, to create a heavenly-hopped ale, light in character yet strong in taste, and offering a devilish kick in the tail.
DEVILFISH (WILTSHIRE) - DEVIL BEST 4.2% A very traditional beer made with the finest hops and barley, already a firm favourite among our customers and a winning brew at local pubs. Devil Best appeals to traditional beer drinkers
OTLEY BREWING CO (SOUTH WALES) - 07 WEISSEN 5% A light golden naturally cloudy wheat beer, top fermented with Belgian Style Yeast. Crisp, clean but distinctive flavours with citrus hop aromas and a balanced bitterness.
OTLEY BREWING CO (SOUTH WALES) - OXYMORON 5.5% A very smooth, mourish Black IPA. Packed full of German carafa chocolate malt and American hops.
OTLEY BREWING CO (SOUTH WALES) - THAI BO 4.6% A clear wheat beer flavoured with Sorachi Ace hops, Lime peel, Lime leaf, Lemongrass and Galangal
MILESTONE (NOTTINGHAM) - RICH RUBY 4.5% Lightly Hopped with a Malty berry finish.
MILESTONE (NOTTINGHAM) - LOXLEY 4.2% Full and rounded with a crispy lemony tang finishing with a slight honey sweetness.

See you there on Saturday & Sunday!

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