Monday, 12 September 2011

Brew 1000, the Bristol Vintage 2011

A very special beer is being brewed this week at the Bristol Beer Factory to celebrate the 1000th Brew. Bristol Vintage 2011 is the breweries first attempt at a “Vintage Ale”, a strong, rich style of beer that can be aged to develop flavours and complexity over many months or years. The beer will be a strong one around 7% and will require 3 brews in one day to produce the amount of beer needed. MD Simon Bartlett will kick things off by mashing in at 2am, before 2 further brews, will be taken over by brewers Chris Kay and Brett Ellis, continuing through the day, with the brewing concluding at 10pm making it an epic 20 hour day.

Bristol Vintage 2011 will be a complex beer; a red ale with a big malty backbone, using 4 varieties of English malt, from Warminster Maltings, 4 of our favourite hop varieties from England, Germany, America & New Zealand, the beer will be aged on fresh English oak staves. It will be a beer that will be fantastic to drink fresh when the hop character will come shining through or to be aged for months or even years to allow the malt flavours to develop and mature.

Simon Bartlett commented “I brewed the first beer about 7 years ago, it has been a labour of love over the 999 beers and I can’t wait to see how our first vintage ale tastes.” The BBF is a local success story, having turned a derelict former brewing building back into a brewery employing 8 people and producing 21000 pints of beer a week.

The BBF have brewed some exciting and different craft beers over the last 12 months, including the current Champion Bottled Beer in the south-west Southville Hop and there is a big project to produce 12 Stouts for Christmas. As well as firm favourite Milk Stout, there will be a Chocolate Stout and Imperial Stout, whilst some of the stouts are being aged in Whisky casks, and another has been infused with 25kg of raspberries.

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