Friday, 20 July 2012

Southern Conspiracy

Our collaboration brew (Southern Conspiracy) with Mark from Dark Star has now been racked with a special 500ltrs put into white wine casks with the addition of whole gooseberries ready for bottling in a month or so.
The first tastings of the beer during racking were just amazing - i know we would say that 'cause we have to sell it, but this really is something else - if you ever wanted a refreshing summer beer this is it. The lime and grapefuit flavous derived from the NZ hops are just stunning. I could go on but best you taste it yourselves. A pint of Southern Conspiracy sat on top of the Grain Barge in Bristol Harbour, watching the sun go down (because it looks as though its going to make an appearance) - you could not want for more.

Here's proof that the Southern Conspiracy aged in white wine casks, sat on gooseberries is not just a dream (see photo). When we filled the casks, the combination of aromas from the oak/wine/goosberries and NZ hops was just a pleasure. It is times like these that you realise why you work in the craft beer industry!
We are hoping to get approx 80 cases (12 x 500ml) of this bottled - can't say when exactly as it'll be ready .....when its ready but hopefully within a couple of months.

There isn't a great deal of this beer to go round so keep a look out at all the usual stockists of our beer.


  1. That sounds fantastic, I hope I can get to try this one, will be looking out for the bottles when they become available.

  2. Steve, the majority is in cask just 500ltrs in bottles.

  3. I have got to me some of those bottles.