Monday, 9 July 2012

Caught on film- craft brewers fighting over spent grain

During a great fun and very successful day at the brewery last weekend a couple of well respected craft brewers were caught on film playing tug of war over a bin of spent grain.....if they had only asked we would have given them one each!!

Mark (Dark Star) & Justin (Moor Beer) very kindly came to the brewery to join us in a collaboration brew (name yet to be decided) last weekend and added a bit of muscle & knowledge. We are planning to put the majority of the brew into cask, with part being aged in wooden casks for bottling at a later date.
Here's a few more photos to give you an idea of how it may taste......
Chris adding hops

Justin adding 'Moor' hops

Mark adding............hops!

We'll be shouting about it when its ready to be released into the trade so keep yer noses in the air - there'll be a hoppy aroma coming your way soon!!
Thanks Mark & Justin - a great day.

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