Thursday, 22 March 2012

Today in the brewery...

Brewing Milk Stout
Bottling Milk Stout
Racking Milk Stout
Selling Milk Stout
Sending Milk Stout to San Diego
Drinking SunrAcer - it's very good
Private Tours tonight, tomorrow & Saturday
Tours for Boeing, Rolls-Royce & Stag Parties aplenty (Hen parties more welcome) next month
Listening to Stiff Little Fingers
& working on the rules of Brewery Cricket (need a better bat than a broom though!)


  1. Replies
    1. A blend of 2 beers - guess which ones?
      There's a prize if you get it right...

    2. Don't tease me like that! I wish there was a prize of say...a mixed crate sent to NI ;)

      It makes sense now I hink of it d'oh. Loved original Acer so will certainly look out for this new one.