Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Today in the Brewery

We are...

Labelling Hefe (on the new labeller --->)
Brewing Gold twice today
Delivering lots of casks locally
Delivering lots of bottles to Waitrose
Swapping beers with 4 other breweries
Cleaning lots and lots of casks
Racking a double brew of Bitter Californian
Tasting our newest blend SunrAcer from the sample room
Listening to Radio Bob
Celebrating the "Beer Sommelier"
Wondering why Chris has such a spring in his step
& looking forward to the start of the Cricket season so that Somerset can crush Lancashire


  1. Are your beers going to be in Waitrose nationally or is it just withing the Bristol area to begin with?

    1. It's about 20 stores in the region (we haven't got a list of which stores yet).