Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Collaboration Brew Day

The Bristol Collaboration for 2012, as expected, began over a beer, in Beerd. 6 (Arbor Ales, Bath Ales, BBF, Great Western Brewing, RCH & Zero Degrees) breweries joining forces to produce something special for the Bristol Beer Festival and to promote Beer in Bristol. A style of beer, brew date & location were decided upon...

So yesterday we all met at 8 o'clock at RCH Brewery ready to get down and dirty with a Porter recipe that combined the very traditional with a few modern twists...Just over 1100kg of malt went in, including Carafa and Smoked Malt.
The wort tasted beautiful, with a lovely hint of smokiness.
We added a lot of hops, and then added some more...
and then started on the big clean up.
Thanks to Paul and Graham at RCH for looking after us all.

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  1. sounds right up my street. look forward to getting hold of a few bottles :)