Monday, 6 February 2012

The Bristol Collaboration 2012

In the spirit of collaboration we are meeting up with 5 other local breweries tomorrow to brew a very special beer to celebrate all that is good about beer in Bristol. For the first time since 1889 when Bristol United Breweries was formed, the major breweries in Bristol are once again uniting to brew beer for Bristolians. Arbor Ales, Bath Ales, Bristol Beer Factory, Great Western Brewing, RCH and Zero Degrees are combining their skills, knowledge and passion for great beer to produce a brew that gives a modern twist to a style of beer that has been famously brewed and exported from Bristol for centuries.

The Collaboration 2012 is to be released in mid-March in time for the Bristol Beer Festival at a time when beer has its highest profile in the city. The Bristol Beer Festival is bigger than ever this year, with an extra session to accommodate all the people who want to drink great beers. The group of local breweries would like to take the opportunity to unite and promote the thriving beer scene in the city. The best way to do that is to combine talents to produce a stunning beer that can be enjoyed at the festival and around the city afterwards.

The Bristol Craft Breweries have joined forces to brew a Porter, a traditional dark beer made famous during the 18th century; there are records of the Porter Brewery in Bristol dating back to 1730. Arbor Ales Jon Comer said “we decided to brew a traditional, historical style that was important in the history of brewing in Bristol”. Roger Jones from Bath Ales commented that “the brewing industry is truly unique. I can’t imagine any other industry where 6 competitor businesses from the same city would get together over a beer and decide to collaborate their efforts.”

BBF Managing Director Simon Bartlett said “The CAMRA Bristol Beer Festival is the most important event in Bristol for breweries and we wanted to unite to brew a beer that celebrated the fabulous talents of local brewers.”

The six breweries will be launching “Collaboration 2012” at the Bristol Beer Festival on Thursday 15th March. The beer will be sold in pubs owned by the all of the breweries involved as well as other freehouses in the city. The Collaboration 2012 will be available in bottles, casks and kegs, to be enjoyed from all forms of dispense.

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