Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chocolate & Beer Tasting

On Thursday Evening we will be joining forces with Lisa from The Chocolate Tart for a fabulous fun-filled feast of fantastic Chocolate paired with beautiful beer brewed by us in Bristol & in Belgium. Lisa has picked some of the finest chocolate in the world to work wonders with the beers.

The event is on the Grain Barge at 8pm on Thursday 1st April, which is the designated FemALE Day, part of Cask Ale Week when we encourage people to try the nations favourite alcoholic beverage. This time last year only 16% of women had tried Cask Ale, but a year later nearly 30% have given it a go, with over 40% continuing to drink it regularly.
We are only charging £8 and you have the opportunity to try 6 different chocolates with 6 different beers, including 2 beers that are making their public debut!
Chocolate and beer may appear an odd combination to many people but they share a number of attributes. They both need to balance bitterness and sweetness, bitterness from hops in beer and cocoa beans in chocolate, sweetness from sugar in chocolate and malted barley in beer. The big warming alcohol feel in a mouthful of beer is matched as chocolate melts in the mouth, the carbonation in beer will accentuate the flavours and clean the palate ready for the next mouthful of chocolate, the tastes and textures compliment each other.

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