Thursday, 11 March 2010


Bottle Range

‘OB’ or Our Beers is a new Craft bottle range from the BBF. It is the essence of everything that small scale local brewing is about. We want to brew delicious full-flavoured beers that we want to drink. These beers are about creativity, investigation and experimentation, taking what we enjoy the most out of our ales & pushing that to the limit. This is our chance to try new hop varieties, to see what happens when we introduce hops at unusual stages of the brewing process, to try different and exciting styles of beer or to just vary one of our current brews. We will be experimenting with different yeast strains, types of malt and hop varieties from all over the world.

We are hoping to be able to release a small number of casks into the trade for each brew but the majority will be bottle conditioned sold in a few of our favourite places. Primarily the Grain Barge will be the outlet with the majority of this range. They will also be available from our online shop at http// and through the new Bristol Beer Factory Visitor Centre on North St.

Our first experimental brews off the production line include a 6.7% American style IPA of which we have tried two different versions, both any hopheads dream! Imperial Stout we call Black 77 at 7.7%, and a German style Wheat Beer. Dry-hopped versions of Red and Sunrise and of course our National Champion Milk Stout that has been bottle-conditioned for the first time.

These ideas are the things we talk about doing at the brewery, how we feel we can push the boundaries of what we do and introduce the type of beers we want to brew and drink. We know that some of these new beers may not be to everyone’s taste, and we will always continue to brew our award winning core brands, it is just exciting to brew beers that might encourage other people to try full-flavoured, alternative styles of beer.

But if it doesn’t, we don’t mind, they are ‘Our Beers’ after all!

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