Thursday, 20 September 2012

Creme Brulee

Having agreed to do our '12 Stouts of Christmas' again this year, we have been beavering away coming up with some new varieties that will be included in the release in December.
Chris has been in contact with the delightful Melissa Cole and between them they have come up with a something that is just divine.
Melissa came to the Beer Factory in some very fashionable red wellies and we had an absolutely great day brewing what is to become our 'Creme Brulee Stout'

Just to prove to you all that Melissa doesn't just swan around breweries talking alot, here's few pics showing her helping out - thanks Melissa pop in anytime - you actually emptied the mash tun quicker than Chris can do it!!!

Not only will the Stout taste like a Creme Brulee we somehow managed to get it to look like one - see below!

Stout at the end of Fermentation

A Creme Brulee
After fermentation we transferred the Stout to some rum casks where it is slowly ageing before we bottle it next month - mmmmmm.

A very big thank you to Melissa for coming down - another great day at the Bristol Beer Factory.


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