Monday, 25 June 2012

Blogging....(hope the spelling is right!)

Well hasn't it been an age since we last blogged, but just like Nat West we've had a few technical problems - however we are more honest than them and we admit that its because we're a bunch of technophobes and talking via a keyboard 'ain't our kinda thang'!!

So what has been happening in Beer Factoryland....... well, we have a few new faces at the brewery, a few new tanks, a few new beers and we are marching forward faster than most of us can keep with.

Once we have figured out what all this blogging is about we'll post something meaningful and constructive up for you all to comment on....... goes trying to upload an image.......

Ooops...try again

.......if you hadn't heard - Southville Hop became SIBA Overall Champion for bottled beer...pretty chuffed about that one!

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