Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beers of the Year

As lots of newspapers and bloggers do their favourite beers of the year, here are ours...


BBF Beer - Acer
UK Beer - Moor Revival
Foreign Beer - 3 Fonteinen Doesjel
Keg Beer - Victory Hop Devil
Bottled Beer - Racer 5


BBF Beer - Southville Hop
UK Beer - Thornbridge Jaipur (cask)
Foreign Beer - Odell Myrcelle
Cask - Arbor Snufty Jack
Keg - Sierra Nevada Juniper Stout
Bottle - Sierra Nevada Southern Harvest


BBF Beer - Saison
UK Beer - Orkney Dark Island Reserve
Foreign beer - Green Flash Pallet Wrecker
Cask - Acer
Keg - Pliny The Elder
Bottle - Southville Hop


BBF Beer - Independence
UK Beer - Kernel Super Alpha Pale Ale
Foreign Beer - Odell Red Ale
Cask - Fyne Ales Jarl
Keg - Southern Tier Mocha
Bottle - BBF Laphroaig Cask-aged Stout

Simon (only drinks our beers)

BBF Beer - Ultimate Stout
Cask Beer - Independence
Bottle - Southville Hop

Please let us know your favourite beers of the year...


  1. Plan to blog it on NYE as there's still a few weeks for something to take poll position!

  2. BBF Beer - Southville Hop
    UK Beer - Workie Ticket
    Foreign Beer - Sam Adams
    Cask Beer - Exmoor Gold
    Bottled Beer (excluding BBF) - Wild Hare / Curious IPA