Sunday, 17 July 2011

Independent Beers for Independent Drinkers

Our range of exciting, interesting, flavourful and complex beers seem to confuse some people. I am often told about some of our beers "I wouldn't want more than a pint of it", like that's a negative aspect and all beers must be session beers. Unlike the majority of brewers in this country not all of our beers are brewed to be sessionable, we don't base our beers on how many pints will be drunk in a pub, we want to brew beers that promote conversation and have layers of complexity, not all breweries need to be the same. We brew beers that we want to drink, and hopefully you do too!

As our beers aren't brewed for the accountant we can maximise the ingredients and experiment with styles. Our range of cask specials available next week are an eclectic bunch including a Milk Stout, a Saison, Southville Hop (US style IPA) & our Ultimate Stout (strong stout with a Belgian yeast) and next week we are brewing Independence, a continuously hopped APA. None of these are heavily sessionable, but they are all big-flavoured delicious beers.

Milk Stout is mid strength at 4.5% has a creamy chocolate sweetness, roasted coffee bitterness and a hint of dark fruit.
Saison is a rustic Belgian farmhouse style, which use a yeast that gives spicy berry fruit notes to the beer, we have tried to exentuate these notes with the hops we have used and a hint of black pepper.
Southville Hop is at 6.5% a strong and hugely aromatic US-style IPA, 4 varieties of American hops give beautiful tropical fruit aromas and flavours with a big piney resinous moreish bitterness.
Independence is a 4.6% pale ale that we have continuously hopped to give a huge hop character without too much bitterness. Brewed as a one-off special, but has been so well received that we have kept on brewing it.
Ultimate Stout is a strong (7.7%) stout that we brew with a Belgian yeast that gives a very drinkable tartness to this thick black beer, a beautiful end of night beer, with layers of complexity to it.

I hope you will seek them out, as they are a bit different!

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