Thursday, 16 June 2011


That’s right, the Bristol Beer Factory Shop is finally opening on Saturday 18th June, and then every Saturday morning between 10am and 1pm. Come and get your beer for the weekend directly from us. Bottles and draught beer are available from our new shop, next to Mark’s Bread on North Street, BS3.

Saturday mornings on North Street are usually quite civilised affairs as people wander, enjoy a bit of breakfast or join the queue outside Mark’s Bread for the weekend sourdough….but not anymore, we are changing all of that.

Come and pay us a visit and try out flavour packed range of hand crafted artisan beers, from the traditional to the downright outrageous. There are 9 bottle varieties currently available with others on the way and cask specials galore coming up this summer. Hoppy pale ales, stouts, black IPA, barrel ageing…’s all going on!

Please order your draught beer in advance, it will take us a while to get our stock levels right for the shop. Order bright beer by Friday lunchtime at the latest on 0117 902 6317. We have 9 pint mini casks as well as 18 & 36 pint polypins. If you’re not sure what you need, please give us a call as we will only have limited amounts of bright beer available each Saturday from 10-1.


  1. do you have the full postcode?

  2. Is the shop still opening on Saturdays? For polypins, etc?